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Dr. Shams PLAB 1 Experience

Hello my name is Dr shams, I passed plab 1 in June 2020 with a good score. I am sharing with experience so that maximum people can benefit from it.

First of all let me tell you that before attending PLAB 1 I have had a very long career break

and due to this reason it took me nearly 4 months with uninterrupted studying to prepare for the examination.

Sources Used:

  1. Plabable

  2. Plab 1 Keys

  3. Plabnation mocks

  4. Samson and Swamy mocks

I started with PLABABLE and its explanations in detail. Along side I started reading PLAB 1 keys as well. During this time I took short notes from both the sources which proved to be very helpful during my final revision. I focused more on my weak areas and made good notes for the same.

I did PLABABLE 3 times with understanding each explanations in and out. It helped me form my base for any future mocks I was going to attend.

Apart from Plabable mocks, I did 4 Samson mocks no. 7-10 and 8-10 Swammy mocks which provided me with more conceptual details and confidence. Additionally, I also did 5 PLABNATION mocks. One thing about Plabnation mocks were that it was challenging as well as very close to the exam paper styled questions, some even a bit more challenging so I felt comfortable during the real exam since my mind was trained to solve difficult questions. I solved each mock under timed and exam condition which is very very important for practice.

I did a lot of recalls in a group which helped me immensely in the examination.

I must mention that Dr Shawn was always helpful and reachable whenever I got confused in some question, he was always there and saved me.

About the Exam:

The exam was not as such hard or difficult in itself, but the time pressure was the main hurdle for me and for many others too. Hence a lot of timed mock was helpful and trained me to finish my exam in time.

The only advice I will give to future PLAB aspirants is to revise and revise until the exam. Revise the topics repeatedly no matter how strong your subjects are. Level up your strong subjects to strongest and weaker subjects to strong and with best wishes you will ace the exam in your first attempt.

Best wishes, All the very best 👍

Dr. Shams


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