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Dr Sutapa Barua PLAB 1 Experience

Hello my name is Dr Sutapa , I passed plab 1 in June 2020 with a good score . I would like to share my Plab 1 journey so that people can benefit from it.


Before attending PLAB 1 I have had a very long career break & with two toddler twins, it was even more difficult to prepare for the exam and that's why I need on & off 4 months including 20 days uninterrupted study to prepare myself.


I started with PLABABLE and its explanations in detail. Along side I started reading PLAB 1 keys as well. During this time I took short notes & I revised plab1 keys at least 3/4 times. As it was very difficult for me to concentrate on study, I joined two whatsapp groups. There I found Dr Shawn, who actually helped me a lot. His patience & dedication was praiseworthy. He was always there for us whenever we needed him, explained in details about everything we asked. He actually for the first time gave an idea how important is to solve recalls. As per his guidance & help of other members of our group, I did Plabable mocks, Samson mocks, 5 plabnation mocks & solved lots of recalls which made me more confident .

Now about Plabnation mocks, those were the toughest mocks for me as well as very close to the exam paper styled questions. After doing those mocks, I felt comfortable during the real exam since my mind was trained to solve difficult questions. I solved each mock under timed and exam condition which is very very important for practice.

Honestly I didn’t find the real exam that difficult & those 5 plabnation timed mocks actually trained me to finish my exam in time. I finished my exam even before 30 mins remaining.


The only advice I will give to future PLAB examines is to revise and revise until the exam. Revise the topics repeatedly no matter how strong your subjects are, as well as work on weaker subjects . Make a short note , try to solve mocks & recalls . It’ll be enough for boost up your confidence. During exam try to mark the key word , that actually helped me a lot to understand the questions .

Hope my review will help the future PLAB 1 examinee & best wishes for all.

Dr. Sutapa

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