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🚀 The Ultimate Guide to
NHS Jobs

- Shawn Gaurav

Passed PLAB 2? Get some inspiration
Congratulations 🎉 🥳 to all who have cleared this hurdle. You have made yourself and your family proud. 👏
Of course, now, you must be preparing all the documents and arranging all the paper works to get your GMC registration. Do it wisely and explain everything very well. It's vital to make everything clear in your description to streamline and speed up the process.

Enjoy and live the moment but also buckle 🏋️‍♂️ yourself for yet another final leg of your journey before you can join NHS. You are nearly there!


While you are awaiting your GMC registration or in lieu process of it, let's make the NHS profile for the job hunt and start applying for the job. Shall we?

Fraternity talks

Must have heard?

I know !! You must be wondering can it be that easy? 🤷‍♂️

Well, to be honest part of it is and part of it is not.
I know you must have come across posts from seniors or colleagues on Facebook, various forums about not being able to secure a job, reading those are heartbreaking and nerve-racking. Do you feel scared? 😱
Trust me I was too and so did many of my friends.

Previously, it was comparatively easy, IMGs could secure an interview by applying to 15-20 jobs whereas things have changed over half a decade. It has become more competitive and contentious. According to GMC, the number of applicants applying for the JOB has tripled over two and a half years.

My Scenario

👨‍⚕️My Scenario

It could be my luck, could be my application, could be anything, you name it. As I am writing this, I have secured 7 interview calls, in exactly 31 days of my GMC application. I received the first interview call within 10 days of my application when I was still awaiting my Full registration. I have listed below the details in the order I got shortlisted for the interview. 

  1. Airedale General Hospital, Keighley: CCU- 9 days after application

  2. Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Wakefield: Surgery- 11 days after application

  3. University Hospitals Birmingham, Heartlands: Geriatrics- 15 days after application

  4. East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, Medicine for older people- 18 days after application

  5. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Medicine- 22 days after application - Interview in January

  6. Barking Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, Neurology/Stroke- 25 days after application (accepted)

  7. Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Surgery - 26 days after application

  8. Bart's Health NHS Trust, Clinical Fellow (ST1/2 level) for General - 37 days after application

  9. Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Clinical Fellow in Emergency Medicine- 45 days later

You will find tons of success stories in the IMGs of the UK page. Read them and get inspired and continue having faith. 

Was it Difficult?

💁Was it Difficult?

Hell Yes !! It was. 😰

During the Lockdown, I worked for hours and hours on my profile to

make sure I meet the portfolio of a Surgical Trainee. Only to find out later 

that it's very similar to the NHS profile and exact in many ways. These 

made my NHS profile making a lot easier and comprehensive. It took me

almost an entire day to complete the NHS profile. Lots of editing and

research was put into understanding every single point. I have discussed them in detail in the BLOG below.

When you got no connection, no prior acquaintance, no proper guidance- you feel lost. 
It took me an entire day to build my NHS profile. I used to be glued to my laptop for hours and hours to find the relevant jobs for applying. But the feat doesn't end here. Over the next one week, it was a constant trifle and struggle to keep the information as crisp and well written as possible aiming towards the applications. 


​I received many requests to overlook the NHS profile and thought to print in my thoughts in this article. In the Blog below I have tried my best to make the process as simple as possible starting from signup, contents till the contents in each section. Remember there is no right/wrong way of doing it, it's a learning curve and everyone, remember everyone eventually get's there.

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