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Dr. Rubab Arqam Tariq

I just finished attempting  the 1st mock . Really your hard work can be seen easily and  questions are of exam quality and the best mock i have ever solved.

Dr. Humaira

Hello Dr Shawn, attempted the 1st mock . I must tell you, you  have done a great job 👏🏻👏🏻hats off to you!! The way you’ve set the questions and also the recalls it’s outstanding! I really enjoyed doing the mock 😊 and looking forward to the next one!

Dr Wajeeha Noman

Tricky scenarios presented in twisted ways, different than the actual usual scenarios, we are used to solving, it really helped in understanding and thinking out of the box, waking up brain cells, it was always exciting and a pleasure to do that. Always looked forward to discussion. Learned a lot, all recent updates, guidelines. A best support throughout the time of course. Dedicated What's app discussion groups.

Dr Muna Ather Ali

The discussions were always healthy and very important to understand the basics of subjects and how to approach the Scenario in a given time. Dr. Shawn was very cooperative and motivating as well. Highly appreciate his patience and dedication.

Dr Swaroopa

The questions in the mocks were different when compared to the mocks from other sources.
The explanations and the discussion classes for each mock were really good.
Dr Shawn is one of the very good teachers i've come across.

Dr Radhika

Well, every mock and its discussions were worth it. Got to learn about a lot of different topics with some new extra points. The questions were formed beautifully in a way to make our minds work for answers, which is a good way to prepare for the real exams. Overall, really appreciate the effort, time and energy put behind creating these mocks and discussions. It was time well invested.

Dr Poonam

The new questions and the twisted ones which I made mistake most of the time! But It makes me learn more n new questions were also good in adding new knowledge plus the explanations which were given were all according to recent Nice guidelines thats much beneficial...

Dr Maaz Patel

The mocks has different set of questions which really test our skills and understanding.I can say I have prepared myself for the exam in the best way after solving these questions. 
I would just say to Dr Shawn that carry on your good work as it will help thousands of students like me before every exam.

Dr Eman Farzana

Every thing was excellent, through these mocks I get to know my weaknesses and learn many new topics and questions which I find very very helpful. He organised every thing so well, all his efforts are appreciable.

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