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Dr Neelakshi

I came across these classes by accident. Had I not , I don't think my preparation would have been as smooth. More people should get to know about these classes and not by accident!

Dr Rubab Arqam Tariq

Well i would say it was an amazing, well structured and covering all core subjects of Plab 1 & would highly recommend to all fellow plabers. I would rate this course 10/10.

Dr Vivian Duru-Okechukwu

I enjoyed each class and the notes were simple to understand and straight to the point. I could also go through the videos again and again to really understand any point that I find difficult to understand.

Dr Taslima

I m highly honoured to be a participants of the course. I do respect Dr Shawn for his tremendous sincerity, honesty, dedication for teaching and caring .

Dr Arti

Shawn ‘s way of explaining WHY and how to attempt Different questions , and group discussion was really helpful. 

The course was short. If I came to know about this course earlier, definitely would have achieved more.

Dr Ayesha

We studied together on a group for plab 1 and i have observed his way of Expressing knowledge which is quite impressive, any level of student can understand easily. He also explains things in a very simple way with image explanation

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