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Dr. Khaula PLAB 1 Experience

Hello my name is Dr. Khaula Mubasher and I attended PLAB 1 in September 2020. I was supposed to write June examination but it was cancelled due to COVID and safe distancing. Results were declared in October and I passed the examination with 118 marks out of 150.

It took me 6 months (not literally) to prepare for my examination due to the cancellation of my exam in the month of June. Sources Used:

  1. Plabable

  2. PLAB keys

  3. Med Revision

  4. Mocks: Plabable, Samson and Plabnation Mocks


1. First and foremost, PLABABLE is a must, Do them as many times as possible. 2. Recalls are a must especially for the past 3/4 yrs.

3. If you can find a study group it will be brilliant. I was fortunately part of a very helpful group, we had many useful sessions which cleared my concepts and rectified my many mistakes.

4. Practicing time management is the key to this examination. Make sure you do that from the very beginning of your preparation.

5. Do as many mocks as possible and make sure to revise them again.

6. I took I Dr Shawn’s mocks while I started preparing. They were hard and very conceptual and made me study more in depth and I found this very beneficial for my preparation.


Paper was easy but very conceptual, if u have done Plabable nicely, I am sure you can easily pass. I finished the examination around 20 minutes before the time.

I planned to do 70 questions in 60 mins but it didn't go accordingly. Some questions took few seconds and some took more than a min but overall your target should be somewhere same to be able to complete the paper on time.

Revise Revise and Revise is what I will say and make sure to Do PLABABLE very well.

All the Best 👍

Dr. Khaula Mubasher


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